Our pastor's theme this year is Growth. My personal theme this year is Rest. The two themes can go hand in hand.

Luke 12:27 says, "Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."

(okay, this is an iris, but it will do)
So the lilies grow while simple staying still. See, I told you Growth and Rest can go hand in hand.

I discovered a new author this year thanks to my Granny's stash of books. Her name is Eugenia Price, a contemporary of the beloved Elisabeth Elliot, although Miss Price has already passed to heaven. In her book What Really Matters? Miss Price has a chapter on growth and she contemplates the lilies from Luke:

"The lilies of the field grow, because they simply stand there meeting the conditions of growth. They depend solely upon God for their actual growing."

"Does this mean that we have nothing to do in the process? Of course not. The lilies do meet the conditions of growth. They put their roots down into the earth for nourishment and they hold their leaves and flowers to the sun and rain. But they do not agitate. They do not struggle. They do not uproot themselves and race about the country hunting what might make them feel as though they're experiencing more growth."

"Lilies stand there in the sun and the rain, their roots in the earth, and wait. Growth comes in God's time. Their part is to be there, meeting conditions."

"Growth is God's department. This is true for leaves in the spring, for crocuses in the snow, and for people."

The picture of the lily is important to me. God's path for my life has led me to be primarily a wife, mother and homemaker. My primary location is my home. My primary relationships are my husband, my daughter and my son. My primary activities are within these walls and fences.

It is easy to think that growth doesn't happen within boundaries, that if somehow we are confined we are not free. However, my freedom is to stand still, to let my soul dig deep roots in God's Word and for my hands to be stretched in Christ's love to my family. My conditions for growth are really very simple, if I will just be there and let God do the rest.

Currently, I have no obligations or responsibilities outside my home and family. I was trying to assess how long it had been since this had been the case and I concluded that I have been doing something, somewhere - beginning with Preschool at the age of four.

I've always been one who served. I love to serve. I believe Christians are called to serve and love. I love doing. I am task-oriented, after all. It is a great step for this lady to acknowledge that at this time, in this place, for as long as God's Spirit says, I will simply be responsible for this home, these people.

I know it will not always be this way. I do not say that because I am longing for something else. I say that because life is full of changes and I need to have that in perspective too.

There is no transplanting for me. My soil is mended, the Water is pouring, the Son is brightly shining, and the three lilies nearby I gaze upon are growing too.