Near Summer's End

We became fish this Summer
thanks to access to a friend's pool.

We discovered a cute crepe restaurant
with yummy iced coffee.

Do you think he minds the camera?

Turkey, Provolone, Pesto Crepe

I lunched with my sisters, Kimberlee and Reba,
at (the fabulous) Andre's
(quiche, coffee, chocolate - SWOON!)

My little monkeys a-swingin'

Although the first day of Fall isn't until 
September 22nd (you have your calendar marked, yes?),
it always feels like Fall come Labor Day,
and our cooler weather doesn't help.
Without apology I adorned my 
gray sweater the other day and loved the cozy moment.

We'll trade 
iced coffee for hot coffee,
swimsuits for sweaters,
pool for jumping in leaves,
Andre's for, well, you don't trade Andre's for anything,
and though it sounds like Fall is a more mellow season,
I happily tell you there will be no mellowing out 'round here.


Susanna said…
Andres. I still have never been there for a meal! I just have memories of my wedding cake.:) Andres and Avenue Bistro...on my bucket list for KC.:)