Dating in the A.M.

One of my favorite times to 
get out simply to relax 
is Saturday mornings,
especially if it is an outing for breakfast.

Last weekend found me and my husband

We walked in and I thought we were home.

Some eating establishments smell, well, you know.
But this darling place smelled like real food,
and it was.
I recommend a half order of French toast
with one fried egg on the side
along with black coffee.
We also hopped in the bread store next door,
I write enough about baked goods
that you know I have no problem 
with carbs.
I'm getting older.
I'm learning moderation.

Anyway, this tiny establishment 
produces beautiful, delicious baked goods.
After sampling,
I chose the Orchard Bread.

This is the only picture I took to record our outing.
I guess I was having such a good time
the camera slipped my mind.

(Random: the restaurant and bakery
are located in Kansas City's Westside,
a really cute area,
where we even saw 2 large community gardens.)


Julie Gates said…
What a great idea! We'll have to do that sometime.
あじ said…
Now that is some good-looking bread. Reminds me of German recipes my wife uses. Maybe we'll make it to that Bistro sometime...
Amanda said…
Mmm, I love that place.