Fall Vacation: Dogwood Canyon

We had the blessing of touring a beautiful nature park while on vacation. 
Dogwood Canyon is located just south of Branson, Missouri. 
It is breathtaking.

See, I told you!

 There are herds of white-tail deer, elk (viewed below) and buffalo.
Missouri is considering reestablishing the elk population in the state.
Seeing these elk my husband began pondering
the idea of hunting the reestablished elk one day with our son.
He's such a Hunter Gatherer!

The Musing of a 4-Year-Old when near some water at the park:
  "I'd love to jump in that water."

"I wonder if anyone would see me."

 "Daddy, look at that!"

There are different options for viewing the park:
(you  have to pay for any option),
fishing, hiking, biking, or a two-hour tram ride.

We opted for the tram ride since this was our first visit,
and this way we were able to view the herds of animals,
(and you know it's something of a deal for us
to see animals...)
otherwise you aren't allowed to walk in that area.

Next time, we'll just take the hiking/fishing
option to tour the park at our own pace
and for as long as we want.