Fall Vacation: With Thanksgiving

My heart is full of thanksgiving and joy 
that we were able to have a getaway as a family this Fall.

To be honest with you, Dear Reader, 
a vacation wasn't in the budget for this year.

Some unexpected medical bills at the end of last year
coupled with the simple fact that the economy is what it is,
(and I know you know what I mean!)
well, we've always known that being on one income
would cause us to pick and choose what to do
and while the children are young we've always
had the perspective that vacations are "extra"
and that we'd make them more of a priority
as the children get older
and can enjoy traveling even more.

(I will just interject for a moment here to say
that the choice to be a one income family has been a blessing.
Although it was new territory for us to traverse when I began 
to stay home with our first baby, we truly felt
our quality of life increased, even without my income.
One income has caused us to focus on simplicity,
creativity, and trust in the One who says He provides.)

So God providing this time away, 
when we didn't think it would be our's,
well, it was an unexpected, wonderful gift
and we're still living off the joy and rest from it!


Reba said…
I'm so glad y'all were able to get away from the city for a few days - God is so good to bless us as we follow his will for our lives!