Garden Tomato Soup

The problem with me and blogging is that I'm not consistent. Which means that I haven't even mentioned that we began our Schooling again (way back there in September), and that we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll chuck it up to the fact that the Schooling season simply sidled back into our lives in a very natural, cohesive, this-is-what-we do way without the pressure I put on myself for our first formal year. And I'll excuse myself from the lack of a Thanksgiving post due to the fact that it is cold which means I'm hibernating. I'm reading a lot. I could post about the books I'm reading, but I haven't. However, I am bound to Dear Sus to write something about our Thanksgiving main dish, BBQ Deer Back Strap. I might just have my husband guest write that post since he is the Resident BBQ King.

Now onto the reason I'm writing in the first place. Garden Tomato Soup. Yes, the word Garden is important, because this isn't made from canned tomatoes or "fresh" tomatoes from the grocery. Was putting "fresh" in quotation marks rude? I didn't necessarily mean for it to be, it's just that now we have a garden, well, the taste between fresh and "fresh" is quite different. And I should clarify...the tomatoes I used weren't fresh...they were garden fresh frozen since we freeze our veggies.

I am in love with my GARDEN TOMATO SOUP.

Heat 4 T. olive oil or butter in a medium sauce pan. Add 8 tomatoes, peeled and sliced into 1 inch (or so) squares.Saute these together for a bit. Since my tomatoes were frozen it made instant broth. Add 2 cubes of chicken bouillon. Add milk. I must have added 1 1/2 cups of milk (whole, by the way), I didn't measure. Heat through. Then I simply used a slotted spoon to take out the tomato peels.

That's IT!

My frozen garden tomatoes are not going to last me through December. That is my prophecy.


Julie Gates said…
Your soup sounds lovey. Now you just need an olive tree to make olive oil and a cow to milk...haha. Your posts are always a gift no matter how often you blog!