Homesteading Resource

I discovered Homestead Revival this past Summer and truly enjoy this Christian lady's view on keeping her home and using her land to homestead. Although I'm not even the one in our family with the vision for using our land wisely (that's my husband...I'm the encourager, you see!), this lady's blog encourages me to have a homesteading, frugal mindset and to be aware of what I can do to use our resources to their full potential.

For a while I actually thought I should be more of a partner with my husband in our gardens and with our chickens, and when our babies were babies I think it was actually easier to do so! But now that the kids are a bit older and we home school, I've committed to not be so active gardening (for energies sake!), and to be focused on schooling planning and preparation, which takes so much more time than actually sitting down and learning with my children! (Just for the record, my husband has never had expectations on me to help with his outdoor endeavors..I just WANT to!)

Homestead Revival recently gave an interview to another blog and I thought I'd provide the link here (even though it's on my sidebar!), because it gives a balanced perspective on homesteading and also encouragement on keeping focused on what God in His Word has called wives and mothers to do with their time.


Julie Gates said…
Everyone one needs encourgament in this area...thanks for the info!