a girl's afternoon

It is our intent to make our birthday celebrations more
simple - specific - meaningful

We gave our daughter a family day on her actual birthday
and an afternoon with some girlfriends yesterday

Our daughter currently thinks mysteries 
are pretty cool
so I went with that theme for the afternoon

I created a scavenger hunt
for the girls to find
their detective bags

 (This is a canvas satchel that I sparsely
coated with green paint and then 
hot glued the felt bird to the front. All
items from Hobby Lobby and each satchel
cost me less than $2 to make.)

and resources for solving mysteries
(resources being: pen, notebook, post-it notes, 
gum, chapstick, whistle, magnifying glass, bookmark)

There were seven items (or groupings of items) total,
each item was hidden in a 
different location in the house
and each item had a corresponding envelope in which
were pieces of paper assigned to each girl to read.
Upon reading the papers
the girls could locate the items.

I could have made the clues more difficult
for these lady detectives,
but this was my first time to do this
and they were occupied and 
working as a team 
for a full half hour
which was good, I think!
We have a table designated as
the art table in our basement
and it was loaded with items 
with which the girls could amuse themselves
and they did.

I also had them create
secret messages
using lemon juice.
I simply had them "paint"
lemon juice designs on paper,
and let it dry.
At home their parents can
place the paper between two towels,
iron the top towel and the heat should
reveal the lemon secret!

Of course, a girl's afternoon
is not complete
until dessert, being mini peanut butter pie,
and a warm drink, being chai tea,
is served.

 (These special glass dishes belonged to my Granny.)

(finger lickin' good!)
Females are born with the ability
to chit chat with their girlfriends,
and these young ladies are no different.
Chit chat, giggles, stories
and such could be heard
IF, by chance, you were eavesdropping...! 

It was a sweet afternoon for Ella,
and dubbed as "fabulous" 
when I asked her what she thought
of her afternoon.
Fabulous works for me.


Susanna said…
How FUN! You set the bar very high for creative birthday parties, my friend!:) Happiest of birthdays to little Miss Ella from her Colorado friends!
Rachel said…
It was fun! This type of an event is such a brain stretch for me, though. It took me forever to come up with the details and I won't tell you how long I was in Hobby Lobby searching for just the right items. Of course the stretch is worth it to give a special time to a special daughter! Happy birthday right back to your Ollie. :-)