the convenience of a pocket

the pocket of my son's overalls,
to be exact.

he was able to 
transport three eggs
in that pocket 
from coop to kitchen

too cute, huh?!


Lorie said…
What was the deal with this? Since you know a name and he's on a leash I take it he is safe at home with his family?

Julie Gates said…
really cute...I was wondering how the hens were doing...are they making a lot of eggs?
Rachel said…
Lorie, you're referring to the dog post, aren't you? :-) We had Snickers on a leash out front for awhile and then let him roam, while we waited for the owner to return our call, in the backyard where he escaped. After he escaped the owner called us back and said he gets out of their yard all the time. However, we haven't seen him again our way.

Julie, we're getting about 3 eggs a day. We actually lost 1 hen (Jess left the coop door open accidentally, and we think 1 hen got out and since our dog was in the yard, she had a fun toy for a while...) so getting 3 eggs from 3 hens each day is great!
Susanna said…
How do the eggs taste?
Rachel said…
The eggs taste unbelievably great. I had to purchase eggs from the store over the Winter, and even local, organic eggs didn't match our "straight from the backyard" goodness. A fried egg has never tasted so good. :-)

I should really post about the chickens! I guess they have become our norm and are no longer a novelty.
Susanna said…
Yes, post about the hens and also when they will become ahem, dinner.
Rachel said…
Jesse and I have already discussed this...I prefer we not eat the chicken meat once they are done laying. They are a pet! I try to be frugal, but that would be going too far for me.