some February lovin'

Don't worry.
This is a 'G' rated post!

Way back there in my early years of motherhood, 
where domestic wisdom was mine to observe in others,
and hope and pray would be mine someday
(I'm still reaching!!!),
I at least had two great dinners 
that I cooked quite regularly.

One was spaghetti - of course.
The second - it gets better -
was My Fabulous Chicken Pot Pie.

I'm not too sure how,
in my lack of domesticity,
I stumbled upon the ability to make this great dish
but there it was and here it is 
for you
if you're needing some February lovin',
like we did today.

My Fabulous Chicken Pot Pie

steam 1 package of vegetables 
(california mix is my preference)
make sure the vegetables are soft
then put in a large mixing bowl

wash, then dice 5 russet potatoes
boil until soft
add to the large mixing bowl

wash, then dice 3 chicken breasts
cook in olive oil until done
add to the large mixing bowl

add 2 cans cream of chicken soup
a dash of salt, a dash of pepper
2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
a smidgen of basil pesto or dried basil


if you need your mixture not so thick
add milk until you've reached your desired consistency

divide mixture into 2 pie pans
top with pie crusts
(i admit here, that i rarely make my own pie crusts,
alas the refrigerated versions are just too convenient)

i cut four slits in the top of the crusts so the pie can breathe
and then bake at 350 degrees for about 1 hour
until golden and bubbly


  i will mention that my children
aren't convinced this dish is 
oh-so-fabulous yet.
i think it's because casseroles are 
mysterious since everything is mixed together.
it has actually been a long time
since I baked this dish - 
because I have grown a tidge in my domestic skills -
and my daughter was not liking the idea of this dish.
i told her maybe her taste buds had changed
and that she'd like it.
do you know what she told me at dinner?
you guessed it.
her taste buds had changed.
now that, my friends,
is a dinner victory.