Winter Wanderin'

The first of February brought our city a historic blizzard, and we are now experiencing a fantastic warm-up,  couple that with the amazing sunshine and a bit of Spring Fever has hit me.

Yesterday we took our children to Lakeside Nature Center. This is a superior center specializing in rehabilitating animals. The creatures to view include: rabbits, fish, opossums, turtles, squirrels, snakes, frogs, bald eagles, kestrels, hawks, a barn owl, screech owls and many more.

There are even hiking trails and since 3 out of the 4 of us were wearing boots, we were off on a snowy, Winter hike which I had been thinking we were overdue to experience. We hiked for about 30 minutes, it was chilly mind you, but it was enough to breathe fresh air, have a moment in the woods, and click a few pictures.
The center is in the city, albeit on a large piece of property, so when my son heard the click-clack of a train, he was off on a search.

My Resident Naturalist was so excited to discover deer tracks.

A sweet, simple afternoon about ten minutes from home. A wonderful, Winter blessing.