Christian Liberty Nature Reader, Book 1

For those of you who read this blog
you know we are a homeschooling family.

So far in our schooling journey
the most valuable resource I have found is

There are a number of internet resources
to acquaint yourself with Charlotte Mason,
but the above link and this book
work best for my research.

The current resource I love using with my children is

The reader is comprised of two-three page stories of nature.
The stories are simple and concise,
and are working well to teach my four-year-old
and seven-year-old at the same time.

We read through one story.
I have each child draw a picture of the story.

I have my younger child simply write
one word regarding the subject matter, ie. spider.

For the older child I have her write
the date, the nature reader pages we are reading,
and the title of the story.
In each story there are several
words in bold, which means they are defined 
in the back of the book, and I have my
oldest child write these words as well
as the definition.

What I enjoy most is that my children retain
these stories and are able to tell their
father about them later in the day.

It seems even days later my younger child 
is talking about what he learned and is 
asking when we can read the nature reader again -
THAT is why I LOVE this resource.

Even if you are not a schooling-at-home family,
I recommend this for fun, family reading time.