The Creator

Today is the first day of Spring.
(The above photo is of a zinna from last August. 
We don't have color like that yet, of course!)

You might think it understood,
but my 4-year-old tried to tell 
someone that wonderful fact today
and they told him it wasn't
the first day of Spring.

Ah, well.
At least he knows the truth.
I have understanding, though,
because at one time in my life
I didn't live seasonally
and if you had mentioned the first day of Spring
was in March I would have thought,
"Shouldn't the first day of Spring
be in April?"

~ ~ ~

I am thankful for a husband
who teaches me about Nature,
it points me to the Creator.

I am thankful for the gift children,
and because they are created
I am pointed to the Creator.

I am thankful for the quiet moments
during my first Spring as a mother
sitting in the grass with my baby.
I was gently pointed
to a greater understanding 
of the Creator.

I see green 
gracing the earth today
and I am again pointed to the Creator.

~ ~ ~

At different points along my life journey
I have come to know God
in different ways.
 As an adult coming to see him
as Creator
is a gift I cannot put into words.

Knowing Him this way
is forever imprinted on my heart.

For the invisible things of him
from the creation of the world 
are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are made,
even his eternal power and Godhead...
Romans 1:20