The Gift of Winter

I have had a love, not-love relationship
with Winter since becoming 
a mom who is at home full-time.

My first Winter as a mother
was caring for a newborn baby,
so I was in cuddle, stay-out-of-the-cold heaven.

However, as babies grow they 
have seeming unending amounts of energy,
and by the time I was caring for
my darling two
I came to loathe Winter.

It's just not a convenient season 
in which to care for young ones,
and I don't think I need to list all the
reasons why.

However, now those babies
have grown to school-age,
and this is the first Winter I have not loathed.

Honestly, though, it doesn't totally have to do
with the ages of my children, 
although that helps.

This Winter I was determined to have a plan,
and embrace this season of rest.

I was hoping to:

re-organize parts of our home
 We recently finished transforming
a room
into my husband's office,
since he now works from home,
complete with a 
homemade standing desk
which I will post about soon.


peanut butter, chocolate and caramel - 
what more can you ask for in a dessert
other than to have it 
accompanied by a cup of coffee?

plan the 2011 garden

 begin researching 2011-2012 school curriculum

watch British murder mysteries


research potential adventures for my children

 Of course, citrus food helps.

The indoor activities of writing,


and painting work wonders too.

I can truly say
I embraced this past Winter
and did what you are supposed to do,
which is
and plan.

However, as Spring is arriving
in 18 days
I will not be complaining of 
Winter's passing.

Isn't God good to give us the seasons?!


Rachel said…
I feel compelled to make sure and say I adored the time my children were babies and toddlers - they are their own special seasons of growing, truly nothing like those treasured moments! - however, as a family we seem to require fresh air and open spaces and Winter's temperatures and inclement weather frequently limit that. I hope that makes sense!
I too have enjoyed the beauty and rest of the season but am looking forward to the next great adventure of spring!!! :)