Pretty Please?

Sometimes, you just have to ask.

My daughter has been taken with animals
every since she encountered at her first Christmas 
a puppy her grandmother watching for a friend.

Ella LOVES animals.

Upon the discovery that a friend's sister
is a vet technician at an animal hospital, I thought,
"That would be an awesome adventure for Ella.
Should I ask for a tour?"

I asked.
We toured.

The hospital we toured was large.
We toured the exam rooms and surgery.
We looked at x-rays and equipment.
Most importantly,
we met lots of animals.

This little guy is Chumly, a cockapoo
(cocker spaniel, poodle mix).
He was a wonderful guy.

We are unable to have cats since my husband
is allergic, so Ella loved chasing the cats
who live on the premises.
(The photos were too blurry to share!)

We even met this Chinchilla. 
I've never felt fur so soft.
So sweet, so cuddly.'s tempting to get one of these
little ones for a pet!

It was fun to expose Ella to a behind the scenes look
at life at an animal hospital, and she had the best time.
(And THIS learning-to-love animals gal
had a great time too!)
I honestly don't care if my daughter's profession
one day includes animals, 
I simply enjoy exposing my children
to what they are currently interested in,
and our tour guide was
an awesome wealth of information
about the hospital, pets
and veterinary education.

If anything Ella will be a
conscientious, caring
animal owner -
and, honestly, she already is.

I'm so glad I asked for the tour!