Spring's Diligence

Before my husband's surgery
we had a list of things to get done for the Spring season.

Some tasks we completed beforehand, 
and some I took into my OWN hands
while he healed. 
(He couldn't do anything about it, see;
for a two weeks I owned the yard!)

It is an awesome feeling being so diligent
with what we have been given,
and having the strength for the task.

Having to deal with Jesse's surgery
made us plan our Spring 
in a manageable, thoughtful way,

I think we accomplished more
than most Spring seasons.

So here is a myriad of photos from what we accomplished
before the surgery and what I've done after.

Paint touch-ups on the Barn


Ella planting peas

Cutting up wood and moving it by the compost bins

Lattice structure to shade the A/C

Little shovel for a little man

Rogue, orange rose bush rescued
from a neighbor's fence last year -
it is small, but growing well!

Ella on an archeological expedition

 Lettuce growing

Tomatoes growing from seeds

Trellises added for the rose bushes
(We should have trellised these beautiful bushes
many years ago, but were distracted
with our young children -
what a good distraction!
The blooms are amazing, and now
the plants will be healthier for even more blooms!)

 A new 8x8 Garden bed

An herb bed (lavender, chives, sage,  rosemary and thyme)
defined with pebbles

Mud moments
(Roone has a personal stylist - his sister!)


Susanna said…
I'm exhausted looking at these pictures! How in the world do you have time for all this? I had an aspiration to do composting this Spring but when I read all that was involved, I realized I just couldn't do it. It's not the right season for us.:)
Rachel said…
"How in the world do you have time for all this?" is a wonderful, realistic question. I currently do not have a 3 year old and a 1 year old to care for (like you!), but a 7 and almost 5 year old. When my children were 3 and 1 I did not compost or put up trellises or plant seeds without Jesse's help, and honestly he was doing most of the work then! Now, however, when the kids and I go out in the yard, they roam, they play, they have adventures - and they let me have my own, per the pics. Also, when Jess was recuperating and they hung out with him to watch a movie or play games I put on jeans and boots and went to task. Planning and older children - that's my explanation. :-)