Farm Find

When searching last year for adventures around the city
I came across the Green Dirt Farm.

This is a sheep dairy located in Weston, Missouri,
just one of two sheep dairies in Missouri.

The original intent of the farm was to sell lamb meat, 
which it does,
but now the owners also make cheese
and are currently working to expand and make yogurt.

The farm is kind enough to give tours,
so we took advantage and our school group
toured the farm last week.

The weather was rainy and cold,
so the sheep were hiding out in the woods
and we weren't able to view them in the pasture.

However, we were taken on a tour of the milking
and cheese making facilities
and even caught glimpses of a six-hour-old lamb.

On the way home I kept my eyes open
and caught this sheep grazing.

Since this wasn't a hands-on tour I didn't bring
my four-year-old, 
knowing the experience would lack
the visual and tactile experience he'd need.
The hour-long tour was just enough for my seven-year-old,
though, and she retained quite a bit of information 
(which I found out over dinner as she related our adventure
to daddy and brother).

This farm was tucked back off the main roads.
We drove about one mile on a gravel road to get to it.
My daughter kept asking why I was driving so slow!
Well, it's a gravel road,
I needed to soak up the view of these lovely, rolling hills.

Over the weekend my husband and I 
went into the city for a lunch date.
To my surprise the hustle and bustle of the city
contrasted with my the quiet of the country 
affected me a bit!
My husband, noticing this, said
"Do I need to take you to a field filled with sheep?"

Well, maybe...

(The fresh farm cheese is divine,
and can be found locally in Kansas City
at the City Market.)