A Giveaway: one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp

Can my life, or your life, really be as beautiful as this bloom?

This flower, our lives are from the same Creator.

We look at flowers, creation, the natural world
and wonder at its beauty, grace, majesty.

But our lives
created in the image of God?

No. We dismiss them.
I know the way I dismiss my life,
and only you know the way you dismiss yours.

The bush from which this bloom came is living fully,
thus, the beauty produced.

My life can direct also direct beauty, honor, glory
back to its Creator.

If only I will LIVE.

Due to blog browsing I found Ann Voskamp
about a year ago.

I was interested in her book,

 which was published in 2010,
until I read some reviews
and thought maybe it wasn't for me.

That is, until I read this post around Mother's Day.

Then I knew.
Her book was mine to read.

Part of her story is my story,
and I have an inkling might be yours as well.

And now, it can be yours.

(Not my copy, mind you.
It is already dog-eared, underlined,
and will be passed to my daughter one day.)

I am giving away one copy of one thousand gifts.

All you have to do to enter the drawing is
leave a comment and tell me one favorite book
that has inspired you.

The drawing lasts until Sunday, May 29th,
and I'll announce the winner on Monday, May 30th.

(PS. I'm excited to see who will comment.
Some of you have mentioned, 
either by e-mail or personally,
enjoying this blog .
I look forward to hearing from you.)


Amanda said…
Whether or not I win your drawing, with your recommendation, I can't wait to read the book!
Anna Dannielle said…
I heard about this book a couple months ago either at Women Living Well or Time Warp Wife or... oh I forgot. BUT I would LOVE to read it.
Julie Gates said…
I love your book recomandations! Would love to read this one! Lately a book that has been really challenging me is Battle Field of the Mind by Joyce Myer.
Susanna said…
A Giveaway! What fun! I read A Mothers Heart by Jean Fleming. Convicting and inspiring!