I used to be one who only admired 
the colorful blooms
produced by plants.

No longer.

I love greenery.

Annabelle Hydrangea bush

 Snow on the Mountain ground cover

 Arborvitae tree

 Dwarf Burning Bush

 Fountain Grass



 Lavender bush

 Stargazer Lilies

 Oak Leaf Hydrangea bush

Peony bushes

On a side note, I'm so thankful.
All of the plants pictured were free - 
they were either at this home when we arrived
or were hand-me-down plants from friends or family.

Each plant (except the tree) also has the potential 
to be divided into more plants,
and we have already done so with some.

Gardening can be expensive, if you let it,
or it can be frugal!