The Perfect Pail

One of my first posts was about composting, and the system I used.

The plastic tub I used in the kitchen, however, wasn't convenient.
The tub in and of itself was cumbersome,
and the location, under the kitchen sink, wasn't user friendly.

So, I went searching for a kitchen compost bucket.

If you haven't already figured it out, 
I like things simple and low-maintenance
(this, I theorize, is why I will never become
a dye-my-hair woman
no matter how many silvery strands appear
even in my early thirties).

So many compost buckets use a filter
to block the potential smell that 
might come from the composting items.

Well, I am not in the mood to replace a filter every few months,
let alone having to remember replacing the filter!

I found, instead, this wonderful stainless steel pail.
It's intended purpose is for pets,
but when viewed online
I clearly envisioned it sitting on my kitchen counter
gathering scraps for the outdoor compost bin.

This nine quart pail works perfectly for us.
We usually fill it once per day,
and even if I don't take it to the outdoor compost bin
the same day, it does not produce a yucky odor.

Once the bucket is dumped
we simply wash, set on the counter and reuse.


Julie Gates said…
I love this....were did you get the pail? You'll look great gray by the way!
Rachel said…
Julie, if you click on stainless steel pail you'll be taken to Amazon where you can purchase the pail.