The Last Day of Spring

It is the last day of Spring. Did you know?

Where we live it has felt like Summer for awhile due to the hot temperatures, humidity, flowers blooming and schooling completed for well over a month.

It's a fact. I'm all about Spring.

The Black-Eyed Susans have started saying, "hello." (These are an easy, sun-loving perennial to grow.)

The Summer season will include many an adventure as a family, reaping from the garden (tomatoes, peppers and squash are ready to give) watching a little boy celebrate turning older (getting bigger, stronger are his current life goals), reveling in the schooling break (this teacher forgets how breaks rest the mind and body so well) yet planning for the Fall at the same time.

This time last year we were in full swing transitioning my husband to be a stay-at-home employee, and although that transition is complete and we are in a new rhythm, we are now in another transition (nothing to do with home, schedule changes) of my children entering a new phase of their lives which means this mother enters a new phase of mothering.

I'm excited. With children, these relationships there is always something new to learn, another way to grow, opportunities to trust God to provide the wisdom to nurture, train, teach. Can I be honest? I beg Him for wisdom, mercy and goodness to fulfill this responsibility.

So we transition to Summer, to new ways of being.