Organizing Photos - An Idea for This Lady

Blogging has given me a creative idea. Although I have been diligent about recording our family experiences via camera, I have not been queen of developing and organizing them.

Late last year I felt bad about being a somewhat regular blogger, but not doing much with our photos. (I will say that I jumped at putting together the children's baby books so those were complete early on.)

To be honest, it takes me forever to get a creative idea that fits who I am. 

I can see what others do and think it is wonderful and beautiful (like scrapbooking - all the paper, photos, details - aaah! it's not for me), but coming up with something that reflects who I am as a homemaker, well, it takes time for the idea to come together.

I finally decided that what I most want to give our children are photo books detailing our gardening and homesteading adventures. Admittedly, we are amateurs, but I am inspired by the idea of detailing our Bowman How-To's in photo books and then passing them to our children in the future.

For now, I will begin working on Around the Homestead (by year) books which will include garden and home projects and also In the Kitchen and At The Grill books which will detail Jesse's BBQ recipes and things I dream up and love in the kitchen.

You might be wondering about pictures of our true treasures - our children! Well, they will be intermingled throughout the above books, and I still need to get inspired about all those other pictures - maybe they'll be categorized by family events, family holidays, family life. I don't know yet.

I hit a 50% off sale the other day and found 4 books and special paper all for less than $20; these will get me started. Right now I am sorting through our photos and deciding which pictures will go in the books. It is fun to look back at these memories, and I'm hoping I'll be diligent with this new found interest. However, my regular To Do's of home keeping, food preparation, gardening, schooling researching and building my relationships with my husband and children (plus my love of reading!), might keep me from working on these books as much as I desire. It might just be as simple as penciling in the time on calendar.

My husband has many an interest one of which is the weather. I think he secretly wants to be a Storm Chaser. I have not encouraged or discouraged that thought. The good news is I have a walking resource for weather information and my children are learning what the weather radar means.

In searching for photos I found these amazing cloud photos my husband took four years ago, and just had to share. If I make headway with my new photo books I'll let you know.