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Sunday, June 26, 2011

To Follow

Among many, many, many blessings
the Lord has used marriage to
humble me,
show His great mercy,
prove that having Him as a foundation
always gives me His Person 
to fall back on, stand tall on,
give me a future to look forward to,
and a leader to follow.

I've been meditating lately on how wonderful
it is to have learned 
(it took me awhile to grasp the Truth)
that there is an amazing peace
in grasping my husband's vision,
his eyes for our life,
and to simply, follow.

(This is in no way to imply that my husband is perfect,
or that it is always easy to follow.
He'll tell you he follows Christ's example to be my husband,
and I tell you I do the same to be his wife.
We humbly lean on the Spirit to guide us,
and for the Word to teach us.
We're amazed that we have God Himself
with us on our life's journeys.)

We celebrated twelve years of marriage,
one of my life's surprises,
this past weekend.

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