On Patience

On every level of life,
from housework to heights of prayer,
in all judgment and efforts
to get things done,
hurry and impatience 
are sure marks of the amateur.

Evelyn Underhill

 But let patience have her perfect work,
that ye may be perfect and entire,
wanting nothing.

James 1:4

It takes time for the Sunflower to bloom and show her beauty. First, the stalk has to get oh-so-tall, around six feet. The buds slowly develop, the petals slowly open. We wait, we wait. The speed of her production is not an issue, although we have a tendency to think faster is superior. She looks to the sun each day; even when the clouds are in her way she strains for a glimpse, and soon she opens to reveal all that beauty enclosed inside.

She patiently grew and then showed the glory given to her.