When Vacationing....

find a coffee shop close to your home away from home

find a large water park in which to cool off

and watch your little ones (become so big)
and enjoy water rides

take many a snapshot of your people

get creative, make some candles and when asked 
to do more say, "yes, you may."

 hoop and holler when your men get soaked, 
but the ladies stay dry
(this wasn't the case the 2nd time around...)

say "cheese" when your son has found your camera

make your children pose for one more photo

if it happens to also be
your son's birthday,
make sure to celebrate

have fun, fun, fun
and be grateful that your children are getting so big
that they can handle many adventures
over a handful of days

it has been a number of years since
we took a vacation in the Summer,
preferring the Fall weather;
however, I'm now up for Summer getaways
as my children are old enough
to endure the heat
(with lots of water and water rides!)
and all the fun activites
(they were both asleep by 7pm each night)

summer = F.U.N.


Amanda said…
What a wonderful time!!
We always dip more than one candle too. It's so fun.