sharen's zinnias

Each Spring I usually plant a bed or two of beautiful Zinnias. I love this vibrant colored, easy-to-grow flower.  This year I planted a proliferation of Cosmos instead, and settled for a smattering of orange and light green Zinnias. Next year I won't settle; I miss the color.

My husband's mother and her husband enjoy gardening as well. In fact, it was in my mother-in-law's garden many years ago where I was first smitten with Zinnias. This year again I was able to admire them in her yard, and lo and behold, one Saturday morning my husband brought home this bouquet from Sharen, she who knows my inclination for Zinnias.

These blooms are now dried, stored and ready to be planted in Spring 2012.


Julie Gates said…
These are I see a green one on top? What a great idea to dry and save the seeds...I'm totally going to do that with mine!