Working Among Christ's Little Ones

I was too ambitious in my deed,
And thought to distance all men in success,
Till God came on me, marked the place, and said,
"Ill-doer, henceforth keep within this line,
Attempting less than others" - and I stand
And work among Christ's little ones, content.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Although I wouldn't describe myself as ambitious, you could say I can get focused on what path I am on and not able to see a different path should it be the one I need to detour to. So there was a time when I was too focused on "places" I shouldn't be, and just as Browning states God marked my place and drew me a line. Now, the attempting less than others I might contest simply because I could list ALL that I am attempting to be and do (by His grace) here with my family. But, yes, if you are talking about the quantity of ambitions, I AM attempting less, but in other ways I'd say I am attempting more!

This month of August we are gradually adding schooling back to our schedule. My daughter is now in second grace and my son, kindergarten. The past two years schooling my daughter were a wonderful training ground for ME to get self-disciplined as a woman and a homemaker: planning, shopping, cleaning, gardening, scheduling (activities, holidays, etc.), exercise as well as making time for my husband, and figuring out how to balance my needs as well. Those years were also an intense period of training my little boy and getting to know his learning style. As we enter this new year I am fully aware of how both my children learn, along with their strengths, limits, interests and needs. One of my priorities as a mother is to know my children - for me this takes lots of time, patience, prayer - and I'm thankful that at this new juncture of life, schooling them both, that I know them well. I know I haven't arrived! The learning for me, and them, continues.

And, yes, I am most content working with these little ones who belong to Him.

for I have learned, 
in whatsoever state I am, 
therewith to be content. 

Philippians 4:11