Autumnal Pork

Autumnal Pork? Sounds poetic because it is!

My husband. He's my BBQ King. Did I know this when I signed the dotted line to be Mrs. Bowman? No. However, having a BBQ King is turning out to be a grand thing.

Pork Tenderloin was on sale last week. You know, the two feet long, half foot wide pork tenderloin that you never purchase unless it is on sale, and that I never purchased (or knew existed?) before my husband became a BBQ King? That pork tenderloin. I didn't even ask if my husband wanted the item. I just knew.

I divided the monstrous piece of meat into three sections, for three separate grilling sessions. Dividing the meat this way provides six meals (counting leftovers the next day...we embrace leftovers) for four people, making 24 meals. Yes, meal planning and stretching our dollars matters!

Anyway, tonight we experienced my husband's Autumn Rubbed Pork Tenderloin for the first time this season, and what made it even sweeter is that we shared the meal with my dear sister, Reba.


Welcome, Fall.

Here are the general steps for making Autumnal Pork.

Prepare a rub for the meat which can include, but is not limited to paprika, cloves, cinnamon, kosher salt, brown sugar and coffee.

Slice an apple.

Dip the slices in the rub and place in the middle of the pork tenderloin.

Wrap the meat with butcher string.

Coat the meat with the rub.

Smoke to burnt end perfection.

View the goodness and then consume!