Children's Book Recommendation: The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes by Beatrix Potter

One author I have more than enjoyed reading with my children
is Beatrix Potter.

It is because of her that I'd love to tour the Lake District one day.
In the meantime, we read Potter
and are transported to her world of animals.

Have you had the adventure of reading 
The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes?
I hope so.
If not, pick it up at your local library,
you won't be disappointed.

My son and I read about Timmy a couple of weeks ago,
and now any and all squirrels he sees are Timmy Tiptoes
and his wife, Goody.
(Goody? What a great name!)

Most of the squirrels we view are in the backyard,
but the squirrel in the picture above
frequents the small Japanese maple tree
by our front window.

He likes to nibble on leaves and berries,
and keeps me company as I type.

I've decided he is a Timmy, fattening up for the Winter,
while his Goody is preparing her nest for the cold months.