final blooms

A smattering of roses bloom 
in the early days of Fall
and we are enjoying the view.

The beauty of a rose never gets old, 
don't you agree?


Amanda said…
I can smell it!
Anna Danielle said…
Never ever ever does it get old! I need to email you;) Started the book so far Love it. Sorry for my "mood" Sunday....surely you have those days.....Right? Please tell me you do lol;)
Rachel said…
Anna, I'm so glad you like the book. Have you looked at the author's blog? All I remember from Sunday is that you were tired - I felt that way so often when my children were younger! Once my youngest turned five those days have been much less - praises!

And of course I have moody days. You could ask my husband, but please don't! :) He's so kind, however, he'd say something nice in response.