herbs, anyone?

Today we switched up our schedule to allow for an extended period of time outside. This may have been intended more for the teacher's benefit (!) than the students', however, the time was enjoyed by all.


So the morning and early afternoon were spent outdoors and then we did our schooling, formally hitting the books in the afternoon. We usually school in the morning and early afternoon and then have free time later.


The switch was nice for everyone, and I'll be more apt to do this with our schedule since my children's focus during reading, writing and arithmetic was spot on. I was even going to skip math for my kindergartener due to time restraints, but his sorrow over this turn of events (truly, he was sad!), changed my mind and I gladly pulled out his workbook.


My time outside was spent harvesting herbs.


Five large bunches of lavender are now drying in the house,

and mint, sage and rosemary are drying in the oven.

Mentally, I'm probably still in the mindset of having a set schedule, with little flexibility. However, I do have big kids (5 and older) now (who do not nap!) and my youngest child is able to handle more and more. I just need to keep this in mind and not hesitate to be creative with our schedule; it might just do us all good now and then!