Taking the Time and Garden Update

We took some time this week off school and work
to tackle a couple of home projects
and take the children on adventures around the city.

We enjoyed a bike ride at Watkin's Mill State Park
and explored a creek where there were
a plethora of cricket frogs.

My husband took our daughter to a creek event at 
Our state's conservation department offers many
free classes for all ages
and Ella has already been able to enjoy a handful.
Wearing a life jacket, wading in the creek
("up to my knees, mom!"),
finding critters with a net, making new friends - 
well, we scored with this class.


One morning I sent my men off to catch some fish,
and although the catching was slim to none
leopard frogs were a delight with which to play.

Who's going to win this stare down?!

Since schooling began my posting is going to be limited. I do have the intent and desire to post more, it's just not a priority and I can't justify it right now! Maybe as I get in the groove of the school year I'll find a way to post more frequently.

I did want to share that our garden has given us a steady supply this year. We are still harvesting tomatoes, and I've been making salsa and spaghetti sauce this year for the first time. I've even been able to freeze the salsa and sauce since the tomatoes have been bountiful. Green peppers, lima beans, amaranth are still producing. I am hopeful for cabbage (a first for us!), peas and lettuce for the Fall.


Sage, mint, rosemary, thyme, chives and lavender are still growing and I've started to dry them for storage. I've been using the oven method to dry the herbs and it's been easy and efficient. I just warm the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes, put in the washed, dried herbs on a baking sheet, turn off the oven and let them dry out - usually 12 hours does the trick. 


The sunflowers are still blooming faithfully

 and the cypress vine is wondrous and beautiful. 

I want to give a big thank you to the readers of this blog. Whenever you comment or tell me personally that you enjoy this blog's content, it is a blessing. The beauty described in my posts, whether it is nature, gardening, quotations or best of all, my family, have been gifted to me by the One who gives all things. God has been so good to give me exactly what I should have in this life - it is more than others, less than some - to me it seems more than bountiful, His goodness to me. If you read my posts, I'm glad you're receiving the blessing, as well, of the beauty He has bestowed, and trust you're aware of His gifts of goodness in your own life as well.