Of Animals and Art

The first post of the time my daughter and I spent in the country was about what spoke my language.

This post shows what spoke to my daughter.

First, animals.

Next, art.

God really gave us a wonderful day.

Wendy had no idea animals and art were special to my daughter.
Providence gave those special moments to her!

This time away from the city, even just a handful of hours, was truly a breathe of fresh air.

For a week or so beforehand I had become overwhelmed with my responsibilities, feeling as if I couldn't handle what I'd been given and wasn't doing well at any of it!

Our hostess, Wendy, is mostly bound to home in that she cares for her aging in-laws, along with her husband. It is a taxing time for her, however she lives out her life with joy and grace.

While seeing what another person goes through doesn't diminish my needs, it does put them into perspective.

Seeing Wendy greet the day with God's strength, joy, grace and peace encourages me to do the same.

Here is our wonderful hostess for the day, dear Wendy.


Wendy said…
You guys are so fun! I'm feeling pretty special being included in your blog. And how creative to show the day through Ella's eyes. I will never forget when we sat down to do our crafts, with all the color/pen options in front of her, she said, "I think I'm in heaven." So precious to share a creative time with a kindred spirit. Girls we will definitely do it again!