On Mowing

I remember as a child always wanting something to do. I loved tasks.

My son is inclined the same way, only doubly so! He loves to be on the move.

This mower is not running, by the way!

I have been mowing this year, and quite glad about it. I had never started a mower in my life until my husband was unable to do so earlier this year. Even once Jesse had recouped from his surgery and was physically able I gently told him mowing was now my thing. It turns out I love the exercise. We have a large yard, complete with inclines, and the task really is a great workout.

However, I think one day I will be gently told by someone that the task is now his thing!

Again, this mower is not running!
My son likes to push it around for "fun."


Wendy said…
I have always loved to mow too! It's my thing and as the hubby is not fond of it, I get to keep the task. :)