cold weather work

If you happen to have men (older...or younger...or both) in your home who are already restless due to the coldish weather, or maybe they are restless simply anticipating the cold weather - who can tell?

Either way, encourage these men to go outside and they just might discover a task or two to tackle. This last weekend? Tree trimming. 

My little guy? He's the biggest, little helper around.

Look! Instant jungle gym!

One way we endure these less than warm months is to have an outdoor To Do list. Isn't that what everybody does?!

Honestly, the list doesn't have to involve my participation (although I did help gather limbs this weekend); the Bowman men must get outdoors or else they just don't know what to do with themselves.

Me? I'm happy to make victuals for my diligent workers.

Doesn't this picture scream, "CHEESE!" Really, there are enchiladas underneath the sea of orange. We rarely eat this dish, and after dinner I felt like I shouldn't eat for five days. Heavy, comfort food. It was good, but we won't be indulging like this again for a while!