Our life is pretty simple around here, although we like to think of it as intentionally extra special and a true gift. So if the following description of our "crazy" sounds boring to you, well, I guess we have different definitions!

Crazy Fun: My Luke Skywalker fights Darth Vader at our zoo's Halloween event.

These two little ones dueled it out without any prompting. They just KNEW to pull out their lightsabers and begin. It was a little boy serious moment, dream come true.

Crazy Beautiful: Our zoo has a sky lift over a large part of the park. The highest point is probably close to 100 feet off the ground. It was a beautiful view as we took a ride last week. I'm not one for heights, but I was actually embracing the moment and thanking God for the changing colors and the opportunity to view such a vast expanse of forest (albeit while riding above wild animals!).

Crazy Oops: As I was in the midst of the beautiful moment I see something small drop from the chair in front of me and my daughter, from the chair in which my son and husband are riding. No, a person didn't fall! Our camera did. "Clunk, clunk, clunk." We hear and see it bounce around our zoo's African area. While my son is making sure I know exactly what happened, my daughter has tears and my husband just looks at me with sad eyes. -Sigh-

Cameras don't matter you know.
That's exactly what I told my daughter.
She is a tender heart, and anything broken or hurt - be it person, animal, or digital camera - she cares.
I had just taken the Jedi battle pictures, but I can honestly say it truly didn't matter that they were gone.
Cameras, stuff, really doesn't matter.

Crazy Hope: Guest relations informs me that the zoo workers do a sweep of the sky lift area (maybe a lot of stuff falls from this ride!) each morning and to simply fill out a sheet with the description of my lost item and I'll receive a call if the camera is found. I was hopeful that at least the memory card would work IF the camera was recovered. What if a wild animal stomped on it?! (My imagination runs wild. Does yours?)

Crazy Good: The zoo called. Camera found. The camera works and simply has a scuff. So, now I know my simple Canon Powershot A590IS can survive an hundred foot fall.

The camera could have been broken. It wasn't. We're thankful that we have the pictures and that we're not buying a new camera! It was good to review with the kids that the camera doesn't matter, and to ask the One who does care about all the details of our life to let the camera be okay. I don't know my children's hearts (because they are their hearts!), but I trust that this little, crazy event built up their faith and perspective.


Amanda said…
Wise one. I'm glad your camera made it home to you in working order.