My children and I were invited to spend some time with a fellow blogger and friend yesterday.

Although Adrienne and I worship at the same church it is through blogging I have gotten to know her.

Her home is so special. She takes the time to make most things in her home.

 She has me inspired in the realm of Christmas ornaments.
If I actually follow-thru with my ideas 
I'll post them.

Wanting privacy for a living room window
she painted it white and stenciled leaves.
I love this look.

As a gift for her son's birthday
she made a tent from quilts given to her family.
Since the tent is made from quilts it is warm
and extra cozy. Isn't that fun?!

One of her parents' hobbies is wood working,
and they made this sign.
Isn't it beautiful?

The cuteness factor for the day was found in her sweet son.

And my animal lovin' children were taken with
this gentle guy.

Although just five minutes from home, Adrienne lives on road surrounded by woods so it felt like our time was spent in the country. For us, that's always a good thing, and her hospitality started out the Thanksgiving week in just the right way.


Susanna said…
I'd say your friend is a fan of Pinterest, maybe?:) Fun idea with the window!
Rachel said…
She does like Pinterest. You know, I don't browse there much yet...
Wow! Thank you so much! This totally made my week! I got to show the post to my parents and brother, and they were very happy to hear that someone loved their work. Thank you again!