putting the garden to sleep

What to do with all those leaves?
(Besides jump in/ride through them, of course.)

Mow and bag them and then blanket your garden beds with a good dose so the ground can rest and rejuvenate during these cold months.

Sometimes I read blogs or hear what other women do and wonder, "how do they find the time to do that?!" To be honest with you, we adore gardening but attention to our children comes before the garden. This is the first Autumn season where we've had the brain space/energy/time in our schedule to be so thorough with the beds.

It's an obvious lesson, but one that needs learning over and over again, to enjoy the present. I'm so glad I didn't make the time for those garden beds (and other tasks) while my children were chubby cheeked and needy in so many under-the age-of-five ways so that I can have those precious memories because these days, they are so fleeting.