first hike of the new year

The truth about me and nature? The fresh air and exercise win me over.

Since the weather was in the 60's and my husband had the day off of work we took a wonderful, two-hour hike yesterday as a family. (Two hours is a great accomplishment for our children, evidence that they are getting older and can handle longer adventures.)

I love seeing how we each enjoy our time differently. I know some people don't enjoy the great outdoors, and it might just be because they haven't figured out how to enjoy it for themselves.

My children love to interact with nature.

My husband loves searching for evidence of creatures.

 Deer Antler Rub

 See the indented triangle?
It's a fawn print.

Woodpecker holes
(my daughter first spotted these!)

Me? Give me great company with which to the enjoy the time, and I'm good to go!