handmade: a lego table

My husband had been wanting to make a Lego Table for some time. Our children love to build! This project was completed as a Christmas gift, and is getting plenty of use. For our early riser son, the Lego Table is usually his first stop!

This is a sturdy, beautiful piece that will endure lots of play time. My husband even said if we want the table higher in future years that he can simply modify the legs. He made this piece for just around $60...isn't that wonderful?

Here is a glimpse of Lego activity around our home:

This week he will be working on a Wall Book Bin (similar to this) for our daughter's birthday. The cost to make your own bin is just a fraction of the price buying it outright.

My husband was just telling me today that he loves building these pieces. It's awesome to find a creative, frugal, beautiful, handmade way to give a gift, don't you think?


Anna Danielle said…
check out ana-white.com. she has many building plans and projects that she does and that people post. It is actually on my 30 by 30 to try to build something....simple.

Coffee does that to me too. I am currently hooked on celestials Peppermint tea and hope to learn all about loose teas this year.

I LOVE burlap and that pot is stinkin cute.
Rachel said…
You're so good to have the goal of building something...I'm not that brave!