hiking habit

If hiking becomes a Sunday habit, that's fine with me. Although the weather was a little cooler than last weekend, we opted again to take a hike as a family this afternoon.  We walked a different, longer trail (three miles!), I brought extra snacks (essential!) and we all had a great time.

 Black Locust Tree
(aren't those spikes intimidating?!)

 Burr Oak Acorn

 Learning from a great teacher about a hedge apple
(what captivated listeners they are!)

 Calming sounds from ice melting

 Beautiful moss

 Checking out a deer antler rub
(we saw many of these today;
a "rub" is the place on a tree where the deer rubs
away the itchy velvet from his antlers)

My sturdy, five-year-old Keens
(do you like my stripey socks?)
My feet have never been sore after hiking
thanks to these comfy shoes.

Last week I used nature photos from our hike for the kids to practice drawing in their nature journals. It was such a good way to relive our weekend adventure. I'll have them do the same this week.