new (for me) in the kitchen

I was not a brussel sprouts gal. Meaning I had not eaten them. It's true.

Recently, though, I came across a recipe accompanied by a picture of brussel sprouts, and I just knew I had to pick me up some of these tiny, cabbage-like sprouts.

All I did was saute garlic and onion in olive oil, added the brussel sprouts (which I cut in half), once browned I added chicken stock to soften the sprouts. Once the stock was soaked up the sprouts were done and ready to eat. 

Oh my goodness! I am official a brussel sprouts gal! My husband and daughter were just as enraptured. My son, not so much, but green isn't his favorite food group! However, to his credit, he did eat the small portion I put on his plate.

Brussel sprouts for dinner, anyone?


Amanda said…
Mmmmm, I love brussel sprouts. Your recipe sounds scrumptious.
Susanna said…
Try them roasted. Brussel sprouts are my favorite winter veg. Love them on Thanksgiving along with bacon and shallots.