a teaser

I've been longing for a walk in the woods.

You'd think with our long holiday break I would have scheduled one, marked it on the calendar. But, alas, no I did not.

We have had a few warm days lately, 50 and 60 degree weather. True blessings in these sometimes dreary Winter months.

Late in the day while the chicken pie was cooking, after the fullness of the day has come and gone I'm still hankering for some fresh air.

The cardigan is thrown on, bare feet slipped into Crocs and out we go to play. What refreshment.

A small fire was our place of warmth (built by yours truly, taught by the Best), as needed. Geese calling, moon shining, airplanes soaring, stars shining, dog running, husband hugging, children laughing. This was a teaser of a moment, a gift, because those cold, cold days, I know, are coming!


Amanda said…
I can't get past this phrase, "Late in the day while the chicken pie was cooking,"
I have the sudden urge to cook chicken pie! You are such a good influence on me. :)
Rachel said…
:) I thought for sure we'd have leftovers, as usual, but I guess we are now a family who can consume an entire pie at one sitting! It's all that fresh air we received.