in the kitchen

My friend's food blog is an enjoyable read AND inspiring!

I had extra time and extra brain space (what a combo!) this past weekend, and made her cabbage rolls. Instead of making the recipe into rolls, I simply made a casserole layering the ingredients like a lasagna. This vegetarian recipe is a winner, and even my meat loving husband ate it for two meals NOT begrudgingly!

The recipe might seem to have a lot of ingredients, but it is simple, affordable, and vegetarian (for those who care!).


Susanna said…
Ah! I just was thinking of these this week. I adore the goat cheese and you really don't miss the meat. The recipe is actually a lasagna type casserole as well. So glad you made them...thanks for the love!:)
Anonymous said…
Looks delicious! I am going to check out your friend's blog.