15 years and orange juice

On our first date I ordered orange juice. As it happens our first date was not out to breakfast, but to a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. Who orders orange juice on their first date at an Italian restaurant? Well, I do.

Last night during our picnic dinner the children were asking for a story. I'm not the storyteller in the family, my husband is. You know me, I love to read a story! But since yesterday marked 15 years of knowing my husband, I knew I could spin a captivating tale of two young'uns (technically, I was still in my teens), working students, which Providence allowed to find each other before either thought themselves ready. When are we really ready? To be given God's great gifts? When they come along, these divine gifts, it is important to say "yes."

(Although not from 1997,
 this is the oldest digital photo of us I could locate.
I love how my husband is looking at me!)

My children were captivated by the tale of these two young people, my daughter knowing, even without names mentioned, who the young woman and young man were; my son, with eyes twinkling, taking a daring guess at the end about whom the story was.

How fun to recollect what once was. 15 years? How many more oddities have I brought into my husband's life...more odd than O.J. at dinner? I'm not sure I'll ask, and even if I do I know he'll just smile.

(About the orange juice? I had been sick around the time my husband and I first met. I started having a problem with my sugar, thought to be hypoglycemia. It turns out I just needed to be a healthy college student instead of an unhealthy one. At that dinner I started to feel unwell, probably just nerves, but I ordered the orange juice anyway and it helped calm me down.The kids thought it quite funny for me to order that drink at dinner!)