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Thursday, March 8, 2012

girlie girl (for G.A.L.)

Ella received a new apron for her birthday from a sweet relative; this week we put that apron to good use making brownies.

I divided baking responsibilities between my children: my son was the mixer and Ella was the "put-er in" (her phrase) of ingredients. It worked out well, although Ella said she needs plastic gloves so her hands stay clean. She is not a diva (a rather low maintenance little lady), but getting her hands dirty is not at the top of her To Do list!

Thanks for the apron, G.A.L.!

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Michelle said...

This is sweet. My husband and I never used to be in the kitchen without little helpers. Things have definitely changed. They don't exactly see it as a privilege anymore, but they will help if we ask. It's strange to think that now I show my daughter things so that when she is on her own, she'll be able to cook for herself. She still likes to make brownies, too.