girlie girl (for G.A.L.)

Ella received a new apron for her birthday from a sweet relative; this week we put that apron to good use making brownies.

I divided baking responsibilities between my children: my son was the mixer and Ella was the "put-er in" (her phrase) of ingredients. It worked out well, although Ella said she needs plastic gloves so her hands stay clean. She is not a diva (a rather low maintenance little lady), but getting her hands dirty is not at the top of her To Do list!

Thanks for the apron, G.A.L.!


Michelle said…
This is sweet. My husband and I never used to be in the kitchen without little helpers. Things have definitely changed. They don't exactly see it as a privilege anymore, but they will help if we ask. It's strange to think that now I show my daughter things so that when she is on her own, she'll be able to cook for herself. She still likes to make brownies, too.