homemade: enchilada sauce

We enjoy enchiladas around here. At just over $1.00 the cost of an enchilada sauce packet is not an extravagance, however, I was curious to see if I could make my own (and it be edible).

Here is what I came up with and it IS edible!

In a skillet melt 4T. unsalted butter. Add 2T. flour. Mix and let brown. Add 2T. finely diced onion and 2T. finely diced garlic. Stir. Add 8oz. tomato sauce and 1 1/2C. chicken stock. Mix. Let simmer until desired thickness is reached, about 10-15 minutes. Voila! Your own edible, enchilada sauce.

(I'm so enjoying figuring out how to make my own homemade items!)


Susanna said…
Another easy enchilada sauce is a can of tomato sauce with a dash of cinnamon and cayenne pepper heated over medium heat. It eliminates any need of fat.:)