spring is here and a switcheroo

Officially, it is now Spring, although it has felt like Spring for some time. Last week was bright and warm, this week wet and gray. The mixture of sun and rain is affecting the grass and plants in a mighty fine way - it's so green and colorful right now. Plants are growing as if it is already April. I'm trusting a cold spell doesn't come to dash the hope of all this beauty!

Over our break we took the time to attempt a big switcheroo. For some time my husband has used our smallest bedroom as his at-home office and our children were sharing a room. We never planned on our children sharing a room, but it turned out to be a wonderful bonding time for them! Seeing as how they are not the same sex I knew that sooner than later I'd want them to have their own rooms again. The time was now to do this! We moved my husband to an unfinished part of the basement, and switched all of us to new bedrooms. I chose one wonderful shade of gray for all the rooms including the concrete walled basement. We've never used gray paint before, but I am more than pleased at what a wonderful background it is for any color combination.

This might sound like a lot of painting and moving - and it was! However, I thought and thought and planned and planned and although we did get so tired, we were diligent with our work and finished in the time we allotted. There is just a bit of painting left to do for the basement area. Really this was a great time of year to do something like this, the end of Winter, just before the weather gets so wonderful you only want to be outside and turn up your nose at indoor projects! It was also good to give ourselves a deadline so that we didn't prolong switching bedrooms over too many weeks. Living in a project is not my favorite thing to do.

Here are a few pics to show you how well gray goes with any color combination.

Decorating isn't my niche (while in the process of painting, cleaning, etc. I was dreaming of reading a good book), however, a cozy home is a must, and it has been enjoyable to find what colors, decoration work best for our home and family. I think (hope?) these rooms are set for some years to come.

I haven't taken pictures of the basement office yet; maybe I will once it is complete.


Julie Gates said…
I love that white quilt!
Anna Danielle said…
Me too! I think u have inspired me to pull out my white comforter cover;)