for the love of pansies

Two firsts for me today: I browsed my favorite nursery in April and purchased pansies. I blame our above normal temperatures!

I usually wait to go to the nursery in May to purchase some white impatience. The weather has been so warm, so sunny and my daughter's piano teacher lives near the nursery, so....I just couldn't resist. I've never before given pansies the time of day, but am now a changed woman. They are beautiful, providing an amazing splash of color on the front stoop.

I would have had a third first today - purchasing chamomile - but the nursery didn't have the herb in stock yet. Chamomile tea seems to work wonders for our family. When a stuffy nose or sore throat begins we drink it (along with popping Vitamin C!), and it frequently prevents those symptoms from progressing into something worse. I have hopes of making my own chamomile tea.

Two out of three firsts is wonderful. Spring 2012 just keeps showing off, and I'm impressed.