a spring weekend

This weekend was for gardening up a storm! We planted cucumbers, peas, parsnips, carrots and bush beans. If I have time this evening I'm in the mood to scatter flower seeds too. Our strange, warm (hot?) early Spring weather has us in the mood for planting items that we don't usually plant this early. So we'll plant, but not all our seeds so that if we DO have a random frost we can replant.

This weekend was also for enjoying lilac scents from a bush that finally decided to bloom after all these years of waiting (it started out as something of a twig!).

The buds on the peony bushes are amazing - a month ahead of schedule!

The sad looking ground cover plants I purchased at a 75% off clearance sale last Summer are acting as if I bought them at full price - wonderfully green and blooming.

I had my new floppy hat stolen by my dear daughter who also has the habit of melting in the sun...

...sunglasses alone are not going to be cutting it for me anymore! I need relief from the magnificent sun rays.

I discovered a new pound cake recipe (with nutmeg!) that hit the spot as we enjoyed making new friends this weekend. (I substituted the shortening for butter and omitted the lemon flavoring. I served the cake with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream, not pictured.)

The Spring has begun as quite the winner, impressing us with sun, warmth and the occasional shower so it's not too dry. Maybe we'll simply be able to enjoy a longer season of the warm weather months. Now, WHERE is my floppy hat?